Postcards from the Future

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  1. One Night on Capistrano Beach [watch the video]
  2. A Sense of Wonder
  3. Harvest Malt
  4. Always With Me
  5. Visions of Jian

A slow, atmospheric ambient journey through love and loss.
The music is at times peaceful, dramatic and emotive.

Phasing layers of found sounds, field recordings and recycled motifs.

Watch the video for One Night on Capistrano Beach: YouTube | Vimeo

Layered minimalist ambient music.
Field recordings, found sounds, recycled motifs.

Released 8 December 2018.

Total running time: 2:17:49

Music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman at MCos, Manchester, July to November 2018.

Photography and design by Brin Coleman.
Front cover photograph: Portugal, September 2016.