Drifting and Phasing - an Ambient Introduction to Kowalski Room

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  1. Ripeness Made
  2. Autumn Bells
  3. Voices of the Future
  4. Was It You?
  5. The Song of the Piano in the Night
  6. It's Used for Something
  7. Mostly Ambient Intro
  8. The Longest of Nights
  9. The Heartbeat of Life
  10. Strings of Angels
  11. Drifting Light
  12. A Rose
  13. Breathe
  14. Modern
  15. The Voyager
  16. Echoes in the Mountains
  17. Song of the Starless Night
  18. Seeing Visions and Dreams

An introduction to the experimental ambient music of Kowalski Room.

Over the past few years, I have been exploring minimalism. My music tends to sound expansive. I've been looking at ways to use less ingredients in music and just how little I can use to still create an interesting and pleasing piece of music.

In the summer of 2017, I begin experimenting with phasing, a technique used by Steve Reich in his piece 'It's Gonna Rain'. I don't have access to two reel to reel tapes recorders so my experiments were purely digital and used a range of techniques similar but not quite the same of Steve Reich.

I start with a short clip - music, field recordings or found sounds - and loop it. It is usually something quite simple but with some interesting colours. I play a second loop of the same thing over the top but slightly out of sync. The two layers of the same sound then interact and create new atmospheres, rhythms and motifs. I find it mesmerising. It means that a short clip, sometimes only a few seconds in length, can become a very long piece of experimental ambient music.

At first, I did not reveal who was making this music. I felt my identity might come with a lot of preconceptions about what the music should be. While most of this is ambient, some is much more experimental - looping barely heard conversations, layers of a delivery truck reversing or the sound of water rolling along the side of a lake. I wanted to be free to experiment.

Now that I feel like Kowalski Room has its own identity, I am happy to reveal who is squirreling away, making this music.

I'm really proud of this project. It is the kind of music I need to create. I hope you enjoy it too. There is plenty more to come.

Released 16 October 2018.

Total running time: 2:23:18

Music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman at MCos, Manchester.

Photography and design by Brin Coleman.
Front cover photograph: Sunrise near Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 2015