City in the Sky

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  1. Song of the Starless Night
  2. Lost in the City in the Sky
  3. Can It Be Real?
  4. Still of Night

Our second CD release!

A very slow and chilled atmospheric ambient album.

The music is created by layering phased recordings, deploying a technique similar to the one Steve Reich used in 'It's Gonna Rain'.

The result is a mysteriously organic and ethereal album of largely peaceful music.

Layered minimalist ambient music.
Field recordings, found sounds, recycled motifs.

Released 8 September 2018.

Total running time: 2:06:027

Music written, performed and produced by Brin Coleman at MCos, Manchester, July 2018.

Field recordings captured on location At Stanley Lake, Idaho, June 2018.

Photography and design by Brin Coleman.
Front cover photograph: a collage of four photographs of the same subject, taken in New York, September 2014.