All about Kowalski Room

Kowalski Room

Just who is Kowalski Room and what is this all about?

This project started as a way to experiment with different ways of making music, and specifically, to explore the phasing techniques used by musician and composers such as Steve Reich.

Basically, phasing is layering two (or more) loops of the same recording or phrase, but these then fall out of sync, either because one loop is faster or shorter than the other or because steps are deliberately left out. The original recording then creates something entirely new.

The results can be rather interesting: new phrases appear seemingly out of thin air. They can be abrasive or even very ambient.

The sources we use for these experiments are many and varied: some sounds from something you may have heard before, some studio cuttings, some field recordings and found sounds
or as we like to describe it...

Layered minimalist ambient music.
Field recordings, found sounds, recycled motifs.

We see our job as exploring this technique and being open-minded about the outcome. And while somethings we release are not exactly musical, we hope you will enjoy engaging with the sounds we create.